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Crest Painting provides only the highest quality paints, workmanship, and customer service. As a painting company in Frisco, we use paints from Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore Paints, Benjamin Moore, and Pittsburgh Paints

Bring Your Vision to Life

With over 20 years of experience as interior house painters in Frisco, Crest Painting can deliver the home look you imagine when you close your eyes. We’re with you every step of the process, and we’re always available to offer advice or answer questions about house painting.

During the first meeting, we’ll discuss what you want and the colors you have in mind. Then, the expert you meet with will help you find a stunning color palette for our house painting company experts from Frisco to paint.

From there, we’ll take some measurements to ensure there’s enough paint in your preferred colors. We wouldn’t be a top painting contractor in Frisco if we forgot those details. We also promise to paint your home like it’s our own

The Painting Process

Our process is quick, reliable, and always delivers a high-quality look. If you have any questions during the painting process, feel free to ask. As a premier interior painter, we love answering them and adjusting the painters’ jobs if necessary.

Our house painters from Frisco will always leave the worksite neat and tidy at the end of the day throughout the process

Move and Cover Furniture

First, we take pictures to ensure that we can put the furniture back where it started. Then we move furniture out of the space or cover it securely. This stepprotects your furniture throughout the interior painting process and that our company painters have room to work.

Protect Floors

We protect all floors using drop cloths and plastic for the entire interior painting project. So whether you have wood, carpet, tile, or something else, the house painter team will ensure that no paint lands on it.

Handle Window Coverings, Outlets, and Light Switches

Window coverings, outlet covers, and light switch plates all need to be removed to protect them from the paint. Our house painters from Frisco are trained professionals and able to remove these items quickly.

Cleaning Up the Walls or Ceiling

Paint bonds best to clean surfaces, so we ensure that your walls or ceiling are as clean as possible. This process will depend on whether the home is new, well lived in, or ever had children, as this varies what needs removal.

Prime as Needed

Priming ensures a smooth bond throughout the wall as the paint dries. While priming your whole wall may not be necessary, we will ensure that your Frisco home is ready before the painters begin applying it.


If you wanted one coat, our professional residential interior painter team will roll on the color. If you decided on a two-coat process, we will start with a primer tinted the appropriate color and then move to the color on the second layer.


The house painters will ensure the paint layer dry before beginning to return your room(s) to their original state. That includes the furniture, decorations, window covings, outlet covers, and light switch plates for your convenience. Finally, we’ll handle all the trash and leave you with a dazzling new room.


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