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Crest Painting offers experienced professionals, superb paint, and a one-of-a-kind commitment to your success. We know your commercial exterior is your first impression, and we want to help you make a good one.

Towards that end, Crest Painting only uses top-quality paints from Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore Paints, Benjamin Moore, and Pittsburgh Paints for your business painting projects in the McKinney-Allen area.

Paint Your Perfect Commercial or Industrial Building with McKinney-Allen's Top Painting Partner

The harsh sunlight and bouts of unpredictable weather take their toll on every building exterior in McKinney-Allen. Over time, even the best paints fade and chip under these conditions. That’s when you need a professional commercial painter.
When you paint your building exterior, you are :

Paint protects your building, and customers love seeing a fresh coat of paint. In fact, well-maintained businesses attract more customers even if the customer service is identical. Using one of the top commercial painting contractors in McKinney-Allen means your exterior will be perfect.

Why Choose Crest as Your McKinney-Allen Commercial Painting Contractor?

Crest Painting offers over two decades of commercial painting experience and unmatched professionalism. With our team on the job, we guarantee your building will look fantastic and stand out by the job’s completion.
Choose Crest Painting for :

By choosing Crest Painting, you’re selecting a one-stopshop for all your commercial painting contractor needs. We handle all surfaces, from conventional to metal, for your convenience. We only paint, so after two decades in the field, you know you’re going to love the final look.

The Proven Crest Painting Process

Pressure Washing

Our first step is pressure washing, which removes dirt, grime, and debris from your building's exterior. As a top commercial painting contractor, the Crest Painting team knows how vital a clean work surface is to the durability of any paint job


At this point, Crest Painting professionals will inspect your building exterior for damage. Items like nail holes, loose boards, and small holes are easy to repair. However, if your building exterior needs more extensive repair, we will let you know.


In McKinney-Allen, certain areas of the buildings take more wear and tear than others. The professional commercial painting contractors of Crest Painting will spot prime these areas to help the durability of your paint coat(s).


Caulking reduces airflow in and out of your building through small holes. The Crest Painting team will use a 40-year-rated poly seam seal caulk for your convenience and comfort. The caulk goes around doors, windows, joints, and more


At this point, your building's exterior is ready for the paint color. Whether you chose one paint coat or two, the professional painting team will cover every inch of your building in only the most durable paints available.

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